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The level of humidity kept in the iguanas home is as important as the heat and lighting you supply. Although the proper humidity level kept is always a great debate amongst fellow and professional herpers, this will serve only as suggestion for safe moisture level for your pet. Moisture is an important factor in the shedding process and in the well being of your iguana. During the day, a moderate to tropical range is good, between 60 and 90 percent. At night time levels increase due to the temp drop. The substrate your housing has should be kept simple, such as any tropical reptile bedding that is available, but the best all around bedding is simply newspaper under a bed of solid white bountiful white paper towels. Simply spray the bedding a couple times a day with water(and your iguana) and proper humidity levels can be maintained. Also a water container for drinking can be used.(make sure it is shallow so your iguana can get in and out with ease)As the paper towels get soiled by your pet, replace them immediately, never leave waste sit there for days, it is both harmful to you and your pet.Proper care and attention should always be used in house keeping. And never place the iguana home in front of direct sunlight-it can cook your iggy in a heartbeat light a magnifying glass to ants.